Portable Gun Safe: Top 8 Car Gun Safe Outdoors, and Travel

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Unlike a closet gun safe, a portable gun safe must be lightweight, waterproof, and, if possible fireproof.

So, when should you invest in a portable gun safe?

If you travel often and are worried about your security, then it’s high time you invested in a gun and a safe as well.

Unlike a closet gun safe- in which weight isn’t a big deal, a travel gun safe must be compact, lightweight, and easily concealable.

They are available in different varieties, prices, and features.

And because choosing one that meets your specific requirements can be quite a tussle, I did the legwork for you and came up with a detailed review of the best.

Let’s get started.

What is the best Portable Gun Safe?

The best portable gun safe is SentrySafe PP1K Portable Gun Safe.

Portable Gun Safe

The SentrySafe PP1K Portable Gun Safe fashioned for the modern-day active and busy individual.

Its outstanding and fastidious design will offer convenience because it comes with a carrying handle and a tethering cable.

The tethering cable allows you to fasten the safe on a fixed base during transportation and offer a sense of security.

It can comfortably hold just one standard pistol, and for security, the safe has a keyed locking system.

With a padded interior with high compression foam, your prized possessions are not susceptible to any damage or scratches.

The sturdy steel housing ensures the safe has extra durability and a pry-resistant door.

The Sentry Safe PP1K Portable Gun Safe is best-suited for an individual who doesn’t have much weaponry in his possession.

1. First Alert Portable Handgun Safe

Investing in a gun safe is an apt decision, and the first alert portable handgun safe offers it all with a programmable keypad.

I bet your security has never been this sound- the ‘no see feature’ ensures that access into the safe is limited to a few individuals.

The safes’ electronic entry system guarantees an added layer of protection.

But also it has backup keys for manual override in case the batteries die.

Built out of 18-gauge heavy-duty steel and powder-coated for longevity and protect against corrosion.

The door’s spring-loaded mechanism allows for quick access and has a steel cable to secure during transportation or secure storage.

Weighing just 4 pounds and its compact design makes its portability relatively easy, and can be carried in a backpack or car trunk.

The pre-drilled holes allow for the safe to be mounted at any location of your choosing.

2. VIVREAL Biometric Gun Safe, Gun Safes for Pistols

Portable Gun Safe

Boasts of the latest in cutting edge technology in biometric.

The Vivreal gun safe ensures that your guns, money, or jewelry are safe and secure.

The smart biometric identification system employs an advanced biometric sensor chip, which can store up to 25600 prints in its database.

It also has two manual override keys in case of emergency access it the fingerprint scanner fails, or the battery dies.

The safe emits a low toned alarm if the batteries are running low on power, giving you enough time to change the batteries.

It’s built out of heavy-duty tamper-proof steel with a pry-resistant door and hinges all powder coated to prevent scratches and corrosion.

The foam-padded interior ensures that the valuables stored are protected from damage and scratches and LED-lit for comfort.

For extra convenience, the safe has pre-punched holes that assist in mounting.

3. Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe

The slim and sleek design of the safe facilitates its portability and storage either in the office drawers, car, or backpack.

The Vaultek essential series can hold a gun, ammunition, and cash, among other valuables.

You can choose to either mount it using the pre-drilled holes or fasten it securely using the steel stable to a location of your choice.

18-gauge heavy-duty carbon steel constitutes the housing box, which also features other measures like the dual impact anti-impact latch, pry-resistant door, and hinges.

The safe offers unrivaled security features like quick access auto-open door, a backlit keypad that features auto-illumination, and a proximity detector.

Other features include a bolstered interior to cushion and protect your valuables and an LED-lighting.

It also has backup keys for manual override and a charging port with rechargeable batteries which can charge via any USB powered adapter.

4. AmazonBasics Portable Security Case Lock Box Safe

Portable Gun Safe

Fashionable and sleek design, the AmazonBasics safe guarantees security and protection of your prized possessions.

An anti-tamper housing made of heavy-duty steel and pry-resistant hinges,

And door with a foam bolstered interior to keep your valuables scratch-free.

The safes’ compact design allows it to be discreetly stored in either an office drawer or backpack,

And makes its portability relatively easy.

The gun safe comes with a steel security cable with which you can fasten the safe at almost any location of your choice.

The AmazonBasics portable safe comes in two varieties, combination lock safe with a zinc alloy combo lock or a key lock system type.

5. Hornady Lockbox for Guns and Valuables

The Hornady is ideal for an individual who doesn’t have many handguns,

And its compact design ensures that it will fit in most travel bags and store discreetly.

The box’s housing has 16-gauge sturdy steel with pry-resistant edges and a tamper-proof door with a 1500lb rating.

The anti-tamper and pry-resistant measures enhance security.

A padded interior with high compression foam to ensure that all items inside are scratch and damage-free.

The safe also has a heavy-duty steel security cable for advanced security,

And with which you can fasten and secure it to a fixed location.

It has a quick access mechanism in place, two keys to open the convectional key lock,

And a combination cam-lock to set a three-digit pin code.

6. SnapSafe Keyed Lock Box, Large 75200 Portable Steel Handgun Safe.

Portable Gun Safe

The Snapsafe keyed lock’s compact design ensures that it will fit discreetly within the trunk of your car or under the seat, the office drawers, and backpack.

Ideal for an individual who doesn’t have many handguns, the studious design allows for portability ease.

The box’s housing has 16-gauge sturdy steel with pry-resistant edges and a tamper-proof door with a 1500lb rating.

It has the interior padded with high compressible foam for protection against scratches or damages during transportation.

You can attach a steel cable to the safe for additional security measures and a keyed entry lock.

7. V-Line Compact Keyless Gun Storage Security Locker

The V-line compact gun safe is ideal for transporting your valuable jewelry or single handguns discreetly due to compact design.

A powder-coated finish on the sturdy carbon steel ensures that the safe is free from corrosion.

The seamless edges, coupled with a clamshell design, give it additional prying protection.

And for enhanced security, the lids overlap on the sides.

The high-density compressible foam bolstered on the safe’s interior provides the items in the safe with additional protection from damage or scratches.

It employs a five-button locking mechanism, so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys or replacing batteries.

It also has a carbon steel cable that can fasten the safe during transportation or tether it’s securely on a fixed point.

The safe also has pre-drilled holes for ease of mounting or securing it in place.

Where to Put A Portable Gun Safe in Car

Your safety is of paramount importance, and apparently,

You would always like to have your gun close most of the time for this reason,

A discreet storage position for your portable gun safe is a no-brainer to any gun owner trying to avoid the gun landing in the wrong hands.

What happens if the vehicle gets broken into or gets stolen? You might question,

Or how do you leave your kids in the car with a gun!

A couple of factors to consider when deciding on the ideal positioning of the safe;

It should be easily concealable, proper anchoring, and easily accessible.

For instance, under a seat, go for a portable gun safe that will fit effortlessly under the seat.

You can also have the safe installed in the trunk of the car, an ideal location for the top-opening gun safes’

And also for the ones that have a key-operated mechanism to open.

The drivers’ seat offers immediate access to the gun in case of an emergency, though limited in securing the safe.

You will have to use a cable to secure it in position;

On the other hand, the trunk offers a more sustainable solution for the guns’ safe, easy mounting, and concealable.

But ideally, these two locations offer quick access to the firearm and easy concealable.

In conclusion, it’s prudent for you to check on your country’s’ regulations regarding concealed firearm possession.


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