Lightweight Gun Safe: Top 8 Lightweight Small Footprint Rifle Gun Safe

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When looking for suitable storage for your ammo, a lightweight gun safe is an excellent idea.

You could also try investing in a lightweight fireproof gun safe.

More so if you live in an apartment and you have to carry it to the top floor or would like to use it as a one-night stand.

Other than that, the quality and performance of your top pick should be premium and give you value.

However, as you hit the stores, you’ll be amazed by the vast array of such products on the market.

But that shouldn’t be a cause of worry anymore! We have a comprehensive review of the best products for your selection.

By the close of this discussion, you’ll be able to decide on the option that will give you good value. Keep reading.

What Is the Best Lightweight Gun Safe?

The best lightweight gun safe is HORUSDY Lockbox.

Lightweight Gun Safe

It takes the trophy to emerge as the best product in our recommendation list for several reasons.

Firstly, it’s lightweight at only 2.84 pounds and comes in a sleek design for easy storage and transport.

Hence, it’s an excellent choice if you’re traveling and want something that won’t weigh you down.

The safe is made of premium quality steel which is tamper-resistant.

Further, the interior consists of heavy cushioning to protect the contents inside from abrasion.

For security enhancements, it has a four-foot steel cable that can endure 1500lbs of force, whereas the cable receiver creates optimal space for storage.

Above all else, it has a combination lock made of zinc that ensures your valuables are safe and well protected.

For compliance, this safe box has met the Transportation Security Administration requirement that requires such safes to keep unloaded guns.

A-List Of The Most Lightweight Gun Safe on the Market

If the HORUSDY Lockbox above doesn’t sound like the real deal to you, there are other great alternatives.

Below is a detailed guide of some of the best lightweight gun safe you can get on the market today.

1. V-Line 2912-S Security Case

The V-line is a keyless gun safe for all your storage needs.

It’s a multi-use lockbox for security use at home, vacation home, offices, RV, vehicle, or boat.

Don’t be deceived by the small size! It can accommodate your valuables, watches, passport, jewelry, guns, and more.

Even though it’s a little on the pricey side, this safe box is made of metallic fiber for durability.

The steel construction is of the best build quality and pry-resistant, where the interior has a foam padding that protects your valuables.

Other than the lightness, it has an overall dimension of 12.5×9.5×2.5 inches.

Besides, it assumes a clamshell shape that fits in small spaces such as a bed-side drawer.

The best part is that you don’t need batteries to operate it, hence despite the high price, there are no other maintenance costs.

With a black coating and a nice texture, this strongbox will match with your home decor.

2. First Alert Gun Safe

Lightweight Gun Safe

First Alert gun safe is a quick entry safe that features a 3-8 numerals keypad for opening and closing.

With a high price tag, you can only expect the best out of this safe.

First off, it’s made of heavy-duty steel for durability and security while the inside consists of a foam cushion to protect your possessions from damage or abrasion.

The locking mechanism is one of the most unique and consists of a spring-loaded closure that is easy to operate.

We need to acknowledge the presence of the steel cable feature that you can use to secure the safe in a vehicle trunk.

Also, you can easily mount it on the shelf, floor, or wall, thanks to the installation holes.

Lightweight, this safe only weighs 6.3 pounds, which enhances portability.

Additionally, the package includes two AA batteries so that you don’t have to make a return trip to the stores.

3. RPNB Gun Safe

If you’re looking for something decent to keep your pistol, the RPND is your first bet.

Whether in the office, traveling, or home, this versatile safe is suitable for storing your ammunition, weapons, passports, credit cards, jewelry, cash, passports, and more.

At the onset, everything works well, and the setup instructions are straightforward, with no issues.

Moreover, you have immediate access whenever you want your possessions. It’s lightweight, and hence you can carry it anywhere.

For your convenience, it does come with a steel cable that does an excellent job of securing the safe to a trunk.

Besides, the cable is extra-long, and you can pull it to the front effortlessly.

Other than that, this lockbox has three methods for opening. Quite amazing! The first is the RFID method that uses a key fob to activate the lid and open.

Secondly, you can use the 4 RFID tags to program the lid. Lastly, there is a three-digit keypad.

For extra security, it has anti-theft features and is tamper-proof.

What this means is that it’s incredibly challenging to break in mainly due to the hinge design that prevents the lid from opening.

As luck would have it, the vault is as hard as it can be since the body is made of carbon steel to ensure long-lasting protection.

It complies with all the regulations about gun safes.

4. V-Line Gun Storage

Lightweight Gun Safe

Whether you want one for a nightstand, for home use, or keeping unwanted hands away, this safe is a good value, and you’ll definitely fall in love with it!

Unlike some cheap safe that slings open, the V-Line pops easily, and even surprisingly, the locking mechanism is keyless.

You’ll not have trouble using it the first time since the setup instructions are easy and straight-to-the-point.

For the price, you’ll expect much as far as the security of your possessions is concerned.

Heavy, durable, and sturdy are words that can describe the structure of this lockbox.

And why not? The steel body is as hard as a rock and with an overlapping lid to prevent pry.

Pleasantly, it’s tiny enough and will stay entirely hidden in small spaces. However, it’s so roomy inside to store a handgun and some magazines.

Better yet, the cushioned interior will keep your possessions free of scratches or dents.

Something interesting to note is that you don’t need batteries to operate this lock.

5. SentrySafe-QAP1E Gun Safe

The SentrySafe-QAP1E Gun Safe is one of its kind. With a weight of 12.2 pounds, this friendly safe offers a secure location for your handgun.

With a sleek design, it will fit in small places, and you can even use it for one nightstand since it’s portable.

The first thing to note about SentrySafe is the gas strut, which uses a unique feature to provide a near-silent opening to access your items.

For this reason, it’s best suited as a bed-side safe for keeping your handgun.

When it comes to construction, only a few high-end safes can match the build and quality.

With heavy-duty steel along with a pry-resistant door, you’re assured of strength, security, and endurance.

The SentrySafe features a digital keypad for reliable protection.

Also, there is the override key that offers a back-up entry in case you forget the password.

For performance guarantee, this lockbox uses four AA batteries that have an impressive battery life of up to ten years.

Lastly, when it comes to compliance with Californian laws and regulations, this safe box is DOJ approved.

6. AmazonBasics Safe Lock Box

Lightweight Gun Safe

The AmazonBasics is a modestly priced safe box that you can use to store your pricey possessions such as a gun, watch, jewelry, money, and more.

For a start, this safe box comes in a convenient small size measuring 11.8”x8.6”x4.4″ to fit in a closet or a drawer.

It’s also lightweight at only 11.3 pounds, and you can carry it anywhere. The keypad is programmable and is easy to operate.

Gladly, there is an emergency key that lets you access the safe when you’ve lost the combination digits.

Additionally, the tiny door handle allows instant access.

Besides the steel body, the security of this box is enhanced by two bolts at the door and pry-resistant joints.

Without a double, this safe will keep tiny little hands away from the gun.

Mounting this vault is super easy since there are predrilled holes as well as hardware for safe installation.

Lightweight Gun Safe Buyer Guide

From our review, a gun safe is a vital box where you can keep your gun and other possessions.

Below are some of the most important factors to consider to ensure that you get the best lightweight gun safe that meets your specific requirements.

Weight and Size

The size of a gun safe is an important consideration. Of course, you wouldn’t want a large box that will overcrowd your closet.

A small, sleek, safe has more room inside to store your handgun and other prized items like passports, cash, and jewelry.


The build quality of your gun safe should be top-notch to enhance the security of your possessions.

As you can see, all the products we’ve reviewed are made of solid steel, and some are pry-resistance.

Hence, it’d be challenging breaking into such a safe. Furthermore, a steel cable helps lock the safe in your car’s trunk for easy travel.

Likewise, the safe should be fireproof or waterproof to prevent your valuables from damage in case of fire or water infiltration.

Lightweight Gun Safe

Locking Mechanism

Safes are diverse when it comes to locking mechanisms.

For safety, a digital keypad is the best since you can set a password for a safe opening.

However, such a lock should also have an emergency key system should you forget your password.

Others have a quick entry system that pops open by combining different digits. You’ll also find others that rely on a key fob to open.

Ease of Use & Mounting Options

When shopping for a gun safe, consider one with an instruction manual for easy operation otherwise.

Once you get the hang of it, future operations should be a breeze.

A gun safe with mounting options is more desirable since you can set it up on your drawer or by the bed-side.

Check whether the box has predrilled holes for easy mounting. Also, by bolting the safe, you’ll keep it away from unwanted hands.

Quality of the interior

A padded interior helps protect your gun and other valuables from scratches or abrasions, or even dents.

Final thoughts on Lightweight Gun Safe

Gun storage boxes are essential in keeping your gun and other valuables.

The best lightweight gun safe boasts several features that go along with the primary component.

They come equipped with security enhancements, and most of them are pry-resistant.

Hence, these protect your valuables and restrict unwanted access. For this reason, we explored the top options for your easy selection.

In a nutshell, we recommend the HORUSDY Lockbox as a top pick that combines all the qualities of a durable and highly efficient lockbox.

Hopefully, you can now shop for your favorite item hassle-free.

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