How to Move A 2000 Pound Safe By Yourself And Safety Precautions

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Since a safe is a necessary asset for a responsible gun owner, it is important to have some information on how to move a 2000 pound safe. It keeps your gun safe and secure from unauthorized access.

The safe is also used to secure other valuables such as cash, jewelry, and irreplaceable documents.

There are different sizes of safes. Some are portable while others are fixed in the house.

If you own a few small guns, a portable safe is perhaps what you have.

However, if you own a lot of big guns you probably have a fixed safe which is more than 2000 pounds.

These big safes are meant to stay fixed in the house. But there comes a time when you want to relocate and you must carry all your belongings.

Unlike a lightweight gun safe, moving a 2000 pound safe to another location can be very stressful.

This article gives you some tips on the easiest way to move a 2000 pounds safe safely.

How to Move A 2000 Pound Safe Safety Tips

Before moving the safe, there are a few things you need to take into account.

First of all, safety and responsibility should be your first concern.

Here are some safe and responsible tips to use when moving these large safes as well as guns.

  • Based on factors such as weight, size, and available resources, assess your safe moving capabilities.
  • Ensure all gun licenses and registrations are organized and are accessible to show to your moving company or authorities.
  • Call your movers in advance since some of them mighty not ready to handle moving on the at that particular time. Check and enquire about their gun safe and ammunition moving policy.
  • Ensure all your guns are removed from the safe and are unloaded before transportation. This is to protect you or other people from accidents that might occur.
  • Since by law movers are not allowed to transport potentially explosive items, ensure all ammunition are removed from the moving truck. It is advisable to transport ammunitions by yourself.

Hire a professional

Any time you are planning on how to move your 2000 pound safe think of getting professional help.

Hiring a profession to transport your 2000 pound safe is the easiest and the safest method.

These companies have trained personnel and many years of experience of handling these tasks.

Getting assistance from a professional ensures you are less likely to get injured or destroy your property.

Again, professional moves have insurance, which means that you stand a chance of recovering property in case of damage.

Finding a professional is easy, since you just need to search the internet for one near you.

However, if you opt to move the heavy safe on your own, follow below steps carefully to minimize the risk of injuries.

How Move a 2000 Pound Safe Preparations

Before the real moving, you must prepare adequately.

Moving a 2000 pound safe is a difficult task and its success depends on proper preparation.

  • Since you cannot do it on your own, try to find more than three friends who are ready to help you.
  • Remove furniture and other items that are on the way from the house where the safe is, to where it is going.
  • Consider employing floor and wall protection to prevent property damage. Protection can be in form of blankets or other thick rugs. This ensures minimal impact and thus saving on repairing costs.
  • Plan on the method to use to load the safe on the truck.
  • Ensure all doorways of where the safe is moving from, and where is going are enough for the safe to pass through. Document measurements of these doorways so that you can employ fitting moving equipment.

Safe Preparation

You cannot just move the safe with its content due to the risks involved.

Therefore, you need thorough safe preparation to avoid damaging the property, safe destruction, and injuring an individual.

Below are some tips you need to consider when preparing the safe for moving.

  • Unload your safe carefully before transportation. This will reduce the bulkiness of the safe and minimizes accidents.
  • Ensure the door of the safe is locked properly to prevent injuries or property destruction. In case the door is removable, get it out first. This will not only reduce the overall weight, but will also ensure minimal accidents and smoothing loading.
  • Wrap up the entire safe with blankets and secure them in place with packing tape. Wrapping up your safe ensures minimal destruction to the safe itself as well as your property.

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Preparing moving equipment

You may have encountered some of your friends or bloggers on the internet who have used PVC pipe or golf balls to roll a bulky safe.

Do not try this because it is very risky. One, you might crack or dent your floor or the safe itself.

Again, you risk losing control as the safe rolls, consequently hitting an individual or destroying property.

Use the right move equipment such as the heavy-duty dolly.

A dolly is designed to transport heavy items such as furniture, gun safes, among others.

Due to its design, it can withstand these weights easily thus making your moving smooth.

Since it’s expensive to buy such equipment, you can opt to rent it.

Do a simple internet search on moving companies that rent a dolly near you.

Before paying for the service of the machine, ensure it is the right size and can accommodate the weight of your safe.

It is advisable to provide documented information on the size of the doors and the weight of the safe so that they can provide the right dolly.

Apart from the dolly, ensure you buy some ropes or straps which might help you keep your safe securely on the dolly.

Moving the safe

After all the above preparations now it’s time to move your gun safe.

First of all, follow the below steps to load the safe properly on the dolly.

  • Ensure the dolly is in line with one side of the safe.
  • Get your helpers on the other side safe to tilt it back slightly
  • Slip the dolly carefully underneath the safe. With the help of your friend push it slowly until it’s fully on the dolly.
  • Secure the safe tightly on the dolly using a rope to prevent falls.
  • Tilt the dolly on its wheels and maintain balance while moving. Have your friends help you keep the safe steady when moving.

After loading the safe on the dolly, navigate the route cautiously and slowly.

This prevents falls and accidents especially if you encounter tight corners.

Do not be in a hurry to get the job done since that can result in unwanted results.

It is easy to navigate your way through the pathways and the doors if you had already taken the measurements.

If you encounter stairs, whether upstairs or downstairs, do one at a time since it is very dangerous.

Have your friends help you keep the safe securely on the dolly to prevent falling.

Loading On The Truck

It is advisable to get a truck with a motorized loading system for easier loading.

If the truck you are using does not have such a system, you will have to do the job manually.

With the help of your friends, bring the dolly close enough to the ramp and load the safe slowly to the truck.

On How to Move a 2000 Pound Safe

Hope you are now informed on how to move a 2000 pound safe.

When moving a gun safe, safety is the utmost priority. Be keen to avoid any injuries and property damage.

It is advisable to hire professional moves for easy and risk-free moving.

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