Gettysburg Gun Safe Reviews and Brand Overview

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In this review guide, we’ll look at some of Gettysburg gun safe reviews and a brief overview of this brand.

If you own a gun, whether air rifles for sports shooting or a weapon for self-defense in case of a home invasion, a safe is a must-have.

And like guns, there are different gun safe brands available on the market today, and Gettysburg is one of them.

Who Makes Gettysburg Gun Safes?

Gettysburg a brand from NINGBO YONGFA GROUP CO LTD based in China.

The company makes the safes fireproof, portable, lightweight then ships them to Rural King.

NINGBO YONGFA GROUP CO LTD is the largest importer of safes and weapons in the country.

It sells the safes to Rural King and uses its brand name Gettysburg. This means only Rural King stores and sells the safes to its consumers in the USA.

Rural King owns the brand name Gettysburg.

Rural King is a privately owned firm house and home store specializing in various consumer products in the US.

The products range from workwear, livestock feed, farm equipment, agricultural parts, lawnmowers, houseware, toys, and fashion clothing.

The company has over 100 stores in different states in the US.

If you wish to purchase the safes online, you can do so, but only if you live under the states listed on their website.

If you are worried about the safes’ safety because they are imported from China, chill out because the safes have some of the best safety features, and the brand is well known.

Also, the safes have received some of the best reviews from customers who have purchased them.

A-List of Gettysburg Gun Safe Reviews

Below is a detailed guide on some of the best Gettysburg gun safe reviews. These units have been handpicked according to user reviews online as well as feature specifications.

1. Gettysburg Fs14e Fire-Resistant Gun Safe

If you’re in search for a gun safe that offers extra protection to your firearms, then Gettysburg fs14e is the right safe for you.

It’s security is enhanced thanks to its heavy-duty bolt down kit.

Besides the theft protection feature, the safe is also fire resistant, and in case of a fire incident, all your valuables will be untouched.

It can handle up to 1200°F of heat.

The other feature that you would appreciate about Gettysburg FS14E is its door organizer.

You can neatly arrange your documents and valuables without much hustle.

Gettysburg FS14E is safe that you can purchase without breaking your bank as it is quite affordable, considering all the fantastic features.

On the negative side, don’t purchase the safe expecting to accommodate 14 guns as advertised.

2. Gettysburg Fg72 Fireproof Gun Safe

One of the best features of Gettysburg fg72 is its drill resistant hard plate protection.

Having a safe means, you don’t want to worry about thieves breaking into the safe and stealing your valuables.

The drill resistance feature ensures you feel secure about your gun’s safety even when you are not at home.

Some other security feature that the safe has is three-way locking bolts and electronic lock with override key all designed for your peace of mind.

The safe has a fireproof feature that can stand 1200°F of heat, approximately 75 minutes of fire resistance.

The safe interior has unique organizing features, including a door organizer, a gun rack, and adjustable shelving.

Nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with knowing you can easily access your items without wondering about tidiness.

The downside is its heaviness; you may need a little bit of help to carry it to your home or office.

3. Gettysburg Fg48f Biometric Fingerprint Safe

Are you wondering whether you can store a large number of weapons in your home?

Well, Gettysburg FG48F has a fantastic interior feature that includes an adjustable shelve, a door organizer, and a gun rack, which is enough storage space for up to 48 guns.

Gettysburg FG48F gives you the confidence to store your guns and other valuables thanks to its biometric security feature.

You only need to press the biometric scanner with your thumb, and the safe will open.

The manufacturer also provides you with an override key in case the biometric sensors fail to work.

In case a fire broke out in your home or office, the Gettysburg FG48F can stand up to 30 minutes in the heat that is 1200° Fahrenheit without damaging your weapons.

The storage space also allows you to quickly access your valuable items without wasting too much time.

On the downside, the safe is unusually heavy, which makes carrying it a problem.

4. Gettysburg P2ea-B Biometric Pistol Safe

Gettysburg p2ea-b has some of the best security features you would expect to find in a safe.

Accessing the safe is pretty straightforward and secure for the authorized person; you only need to touch the scanner with your finger, and the safe will open.

However, easy access doesn’t mean that it would be easy for a thief to break into the safe and take your property.

The safe ha a locking system featured with an Alarm-U Security Alarm, which alerts you immediately someone tries to unlock it.

It also fitted with an override key that will help you unlock the safe if the biometric sensors fail to work.

On top of these security features, the safe is approved by the California Department of Justice (CDOJ), so this should give you confidence that your items are secure.

The safe is best if you have a few items or less than two guns to store because of its limited storage capacity.

In addition to the security features, the safe is highly portable, which means you can easily carry it around, especially if you travel a lot.

But the portability shouldn’t worry you; the safe has pre-drilled holes to help you securely mount it on any surface you prefer.

Overall the safe has a fantastic feature, but the limited storage capacity can be a drawback for someone with many items.

5. Gettysburg 24fgs Gun Safe

GETTYSBURG 24FGS is perfect if you have big guns that need protection as the safe has a rest area for the barrel.

The safe’s interior is also neat and appealing to the eye, thanks to the carpets and the black matte finishing.

You will also benefit from its fire resistance features, which allow the safe to stand the heat of at least 1400°F.

Its large storage means you can store up to 24 guns without too much trouble.

The safe also has enhanced security features, including five locking points and an override key that allows you to open the safe when you have forgotten the code.

Final Thoughts on Gettysburg Gun Safe Reviews

Above are some of the best Gettysburg gun safe reviews and a brief overview of the brand.

As a final recap, it’s important to mention that Gettysburg is a private label brand that manufacturers its safe from China and imports them to the US.

It’s an umbrella of the Rural King, which operates in 13 states in the US.

These gun safes are highly affordable and intended for anyone who’s on a budget.  However, the quality can’t be compared to that of high-end safes manufactured in the US.

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