Closet Gun Safe: Top 8 Hidden Closet Gun Safe Reviews and Buyer Guide

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A closet gun safe shares similar features with fireproof gun safes and lightweight gun safes– in that it must be lightweight and similarly have the best features like fireproofing & waterproofing.

According to statistics, there were more than a 1.4million burglaries in the US in 2017. (Source)

With the increasing crime rates, it’s essential to keep your weapons where everyone least expects it.

The best part is that most of these closet gun safes are properly concealed and come with the best features that would make it impossible for an ordinary burglar to break in.

What Is The Best Closet Gun Safe?

The best closet gun safe is Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe Lock.

Closet Gun Safe

The internal dimensions are (16.81 x12.15 x 8.94 inches) and a two inches thick pry-resistant steel door.

You can bet on the safes’ security with an additional two live door bolts to the existing electronic lock.

The intrinsic design, pry-resistant hinges ensure that breaking the Safe won’t be a walk in the park.

Similarly, the blackish exterior finish ensures that the safe blend homogenously with home or office décor.

Built with the apparent user in mind, it has a retractable shelf to fit in your large prized possessions.

When locked, to open the safe, you will have to enter your passcode then turn the knob clockwise to open it.

It comes with pre-drilled holes for ease of mounting and serves as an extra hand to enhance security.

A-List Of Best Closet Gun Safe On The Market

While Amazon Basics Steel Security Safe Lock is the best closet gun safe on the market, you can get other great alternatives depending on your requirements.

They include:

1. Awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification

The digital keypads and a biometric fingerprint scanner guarantee unmatched security options.

For enhanced security, it has a pry-resistant heady duty steel door and a solid steel compartment.

The biometric scanner stores up to 30 prints, ideal for shared access and has an override key for emergency and backup access.

It also has a compressed gas strut that allows for fast and low pitch opening and an LED-lit interior.

Outstandingly built for ease of portability and can ideally fit in small drawers, backpacks, or any discreet location of your choice.

Besides, the pre-drilled holes allow for easy mounting or securing the Safe in place.

However, its unmatched small size makes it ideal for concealing under the car seats and in your bedroom.

2. Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols

Closet Gun Safe

The Safe offers you quick access while at the same time maximizing security and satisfaction.

For additional security, it has a heavy-duty steel compartment with pry-resistant hinges with an internal bracket.

The powder-coated finish achieves the longevity of the safe, which protects against corrosion attack.

Besides having a  silent mode and back-lit keypad, it also guarantees privy access and maximizes access in low-lit environs.

The anti-theft mechanisms are unrivaled with a seamlessly welded heavy-duty double-layered steel housing.

However, to have access, you will require either a PIN code, fingerprint biometric taken, or manually using the keys.

The Safe has pre-drilled holes for either mounting the gun safe or securing firmly in your ideal location.

On the other hand, it can only hold two handguns or one handgun and some ammunition.

3. Barska quick access biometric

It employs the latest technology in biometric fingerprinting, eliminating the need for a key or combination to access the safe.

The optical scanner will analyze a fingerprint within seconds, ensuring that only specific individuals will access the safe.

Built out of a sturdy solid tamperproof steel and can hold up to five rifles with an adjustable rack and an extractable shelf.

The pre-drilled holes allow for extra convenience making mounting the unit relatively easy.

Besides, it also has a concealed hole for backup keys in case of an emergency.

However, for stealthier home defense, activate silent mode by pressing and holding the red button for 10 seconds.

4. Moutec Large Rifle Safe

Closet Gun Safe

A deep box allows you to pack up to 5-7 guns and a separate lockable compartment to store smaller guns.

The housing comprises a sturdy 16-gauge heavy-duty carbon steel and an 11-gauge carbon steel door, which is 1.75 inches thick.

Security for this safe is unmatched, with a biometric fingerprint scanner, an auto illuminating 4-digit keypad, and spare keys.

It features a silent mode for entering your passcode and an alarm system if the batteries are low in power.

Besides, it has anti-tamper resistant edges, pry-proof edges, and a three-point deadbolt locking system to ensure that your valuables are safe.

However, it’s advisable not to lock the keys in the safe because they will be used to access the gun safe in case the batteries die or when you forget the passcode.

5. HOMCOM 56 Steel Electronic 5 Rifle Gun Safe

Peace of mind is priceless, and that’s why having a secure gun safe shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Access to the Safe is either by a 3-8-digit passcode or manually with the two override keys.

Similarly, the Safe offers a dual locking system with a key or keyless electronic system to prevent unauthorized access.

It’s also partitioned into two compartments, a bottom shelf, which can hold up to five rifles, and a top lockable box for smaller guns and accessories.

However, ensure not to lock in the keys because they offer access manually if the batteries die or you have forgotten the PIN code.

It has pre-drilled holes for easy mounting and a padded interior to shield the riffles from abrasion and damage.

6. Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Keypad Wall Safe

Closet Gun Safe

The Safe offers you unrivaled security, an electronic locking mechanism, two mechanized locking deadbolts, and a pry-resistant heavy-duty steel housing.

It will fit between 16-inch wall studs for wall installations, and it has a flange for covering the wall limiting the need for replastering.

The interior is padded velvet to ensure that all your items aren’t scratched and sizeable storage of around 0.44 Cu.ft.

Besides, it has two retractable shelves, that guarantee that you fit in your possession with ease.

Also, a fireproof floor to ensure that the items remain safe if exposed to fire.

Nonetheless, you can also use the backup override keys in case the batteries die out.

7. RPNB Gun Safe

The Safe offers ideal and secure storage for your handgun, passports, credit cards, among others.

The security measures employed are unparalleled with RFID technology, a conventional key lock system, and a three-digit keypad.

For instance, you can program the safe for shared access to recognize up to four RFID tags.

Similarly, the Safe features pry-resistant measures like an anti-impact lock and a seamlessly welded heavy-duty steel body housing.

Also, the gun safe comes with a security cable with which you can fasten it at almost any location.

Nevertheless, the compact design of the safe ensures that you can lock it in a drawer or carry it in a backpack.

In case the batteries don’t have enough power to run the RFID, you can use the keys to open the gun safe manually.

8. Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe

Closet Gun Safe

The Safe offers unrivaled security for all your prized possession and guns.

With heavy-duty steel body housing, laser cut to ensure its tamperproof, and the joints seamlessly welded.

Access into the Safe can either be via the biometric fingerprint scanner, PIN code, or manually with the backup override keys.

For enhanced security, the Safe has a motorized 20mm deadbolt locking system and a 5mm pry-resistant door.

The keypad has sound or silent modes when operating and stores your passcodes and fingerprints if you happen to change the batteries.

It also emits a warning beep when the door is left unlocked for a minute and boasts of a rich modernistic design.

Besides, it has three retractable shelves to readjust according to your needs and a padded LED-lit interior.

However, you can also use the backup keys for the Safe’s manual opening if the batteries die out.

9. V-Line Closet Vault II Gun Safe

Designed as an in-the-wall safe and can also be concealed in a closet or behind a door saving up the floor space.

The security measures include a three-point locking system that relies on the Simplex locking mechanism.

Besides, the Safe offers maximum security with a simple mechanical locking mechanism that can handle around 1,081 varied combinations.

As a result, this means you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries.

For enhanced security, the locking rods extend out into the frame of the safe.

The Safe offers an edge over a convectional flush mounted wall Safes, in that it protrudes off the wall slightly.

Therefore the extra space allows for more room to store your possessions and holds four long guns, among other variables.

Furthermore, it has retractable shelves that you can rearrange and customize to fit your needs.

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