Best Turkey Vest: Top 7 Best Turkey Hunting Vest

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Are you looking for the best turkey vest to help you hunt turkeys seamlessly?

Well, we have a good selection for you.

As a hunter, you require to carry more hunting gear and supplies needed when stalking birds in the woods. (Source)

While your pockets can help you carry some items, they are not enough.

On the other hand, backpacks are bulky and can limit your movement and your items’ accessibility.

Here is where the turkey vest comes in.

Typically, a turkey vest provides many pockets and loops to help you carry your hunting gear and supplies in an organized manner.

At the same time, it provides mobility and camouflage required for hunting.

This buying guide reviews some of the best turkey vests and some factors to consider before buying.

What Is The Best Turkey Best

If you are looking for a turkey vest that will help you hunt the elusive turkey, we recommend the ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF

Best Turkey Vest

Endowed with a large number of pockets, the vest helps you organize your hunting equipment strategically.

It features a memory foam seat paired with a removable kickstand frame to help you sit anywhere comfortably.

The vest comes with a smart-phone sleeve that helps you to conveniently use your phone while it’s still in the pocket.

Its shoulder straps are detachable to enhance your shooting comfort.

Again, it features inner liners made of cotton for soundless walking while stalking the birds

With two water bottle pockets and water compatibility features, this turkey vest is ideal for long hunting trips.

This hunting vest includes side straps that are compressible for easy fitting.

It also helps you blend in with your hunting environment to avoid scaring off your targets.

Additionally, it comes with adjustable legs and large swivel feet to give you stability while resting.

A-List Of The Best Turkey Vest

According to our research, the ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF is our best recommendation.

However, if it’s not appealing to you, below are some other options to consider.

1. ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Elite

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Consider the ALPS Outdoor NWTF for maximum comfort and enhanced organization of your hunting gear.

The vest features 22 different sized pockets that help you carry as many supplies and ammunition as possible.

These pockets also help you organize various strikes, calls, and hunting supplies and access them easily.

Its quiet cotton liner ensures that you can walk soundlessly to avoid scaring off the birds.

It also comes with a removable thick fold-away seat cushion for sitting comfortably when in the woods.

The vest also comes with a chest pocket for easy cell phone access while in the field.

The kit includes a breathable blood-proof bag for carrying your hunt when successful.

It is also easily wearable, removable, and also lightweight to improve field mobility.

Additionally, the vest features a padded lining for extra comfort and also helps you to camouflage while hunting.

2. ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Impact

Best Turkey Vest

For hunters looking to carry their ammunition and supplies without feeling bulky or overburdened, this is a good choice.

The vest weighs only 3 lbs. making it lightweight and perfect for women and youth hunters.

It features unique Brushed Tricot Fabrics construction designed to last longer and help you stay soundless when in the woods.

It is offered in two popular Camo patterns to help you blend into your surroundings seamlessly.

With a sit-anywhere seat, this vest allows you to flip your comfortable seat and have a rest whenever you want.

What’s more, the seat is a removable design that can easily detach from the turkey vest.

Featuring a variety of pockets, you can easily organize your calls and access them at your convenience.

The front pocket is also removable to ensure versatility and offers shoulder straps suitable for gun and run situations.

What’s more, you can safely pack your phone and easily access it thanks to the phone safety pocket.

It is a unisex design which comes in a variety of size to fit different hunters.

This package includes a blood proof large rear game bag for carrying your decoys or your hunt.

3. ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest

Are you looking for a vest that will pack everything and still not break your bank?

Then look no further than Alps Outdoorz Grand slam Turkey vest.

Endowed with a lot of pockets, this vest ensures you are fully equipped for your next successful hunt.

Its construction features a quality polyester material that ensures long-lasting service.

This material also keeps noise at a minimum when walking, thus ensuring you don’t scare your prey.

It comes with a quality kickstand frame that allows you to sit anywhere anytime while stalking your prey.

The quality stand is connected to a thickly padded foldable seat that for maximum comfort.

As if that’s not all, the vest then comes with a smart-phone sleeve allowing you use your phone while hunting.

Its adjustable legs and large swivel feet keeps you stable while preventing you from sinking to the ground.

Additionally, it comes with a large game bag to carry your prey after a successful hunt.

Its other state of the art features includes two water bottles pocks, a detachable shoulder strap, and shell loops.

4. Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Turkey Vest

Best Turkey Vest

For a convenient and proper organization of everything you need to hunt successfully, the H.S. Strut is the solution.

The vest features multiple front pockets for friction calls, strikers, and other hunting accessories.

It comes with exterior mesh pockets for diaphragms, and two large snapped front pockets to carry a shotgun.

With these specialized pockets, you can get ample storage for all hunting equipment.

Additionally the vest features an adjustable drawstring to carry water that you can use for rinsing or quenching your thirst.

This vest gives you more room to carry decoys or a harvested turkey thanks to its large access pocket on the backside

What’s more, this vest enhances comfort thanks to its adjustable padded shoulder straps and waist straps.

With thick cheeks foam seats included in the gear, this vest gives you maximum comfort while stalking your prey.

It also comes with a deployable blaze orange flag for alerting other hunters when you are in trouble.

What’s more, the turkey vest construction features a durable 30 D fabric, which makes it tough and noiseless.

It also features a Realtree Xtra Green camo that helps you blend in with your surrounding for easy hunting

5. Primos Rocker Strap Turkey Vest

The Primos Rocker Strap Turkey Vest is a hunter tested and field-approved wear with amazing features.

One of the main features that hunters love about this vest is carrying a variety of items thanks to its numerous pockets.

The vest is also comfortable and easy to wear due to its padded straps.

It features state of the art coloring that camouflages you so that you blend into the surrounding.

With smart and waterproof features, you can keep your phone in the pocket while in the field without any worrying.

The smart strong also allows you to use your phone while in the pocket without taking it out.

Apart from its concealment features, the vest is lightweight yet durable and reliable.

It comes with a flip-down lodge seat that provides comfortable support to ensure you can sit and lean back in any spot.

Also, it is enhanced with box call pockets that help keep your calls protected and accessible.

Additionally, you can stay quenched while in the field, credit to the hydration bladder pocket that helps you store water bottles.

6. Lucky Bums Youth Turkey Vest

Best Turkey Vest

The Lucky Bums Youth Turkey vest is a classic elegant design for young hunters who want to organize their calls.

It is a superior quality polyester construction that ensures durability and minimum noise on the field.

Again the vest features a color that ensures you blend easily into the surrounding while waiting to take a shot.

To enhance comfort, the turkey vest features a padded and fold down seat so that you can sit anywhere.

The vest comes with shell loops, an elastic slate call sleeve, and a box call pocket to store various accessories.

Also, its two large zipped pockets and pouches enhance the carrying of many accessories.

It comes with shoulder and sternum straps that are padded and adjustable for comfort and proper fit.

For safety, this turkey vest features a detachable orange safety flag for visibility.

What’s more, it is lightweight and easily wearable.

7. Beard Buster Deluxe Turkey Vest, Camo

Best Turkey Vest

Regardless of your hunting period, this turkey vest makes you feel comfortable thanks to its state of the art design.

It features an amazing camouflage that helps you blend with the surroundings, thus making your hunting hassle-free.

With its numerous pockets, it allows you to carry almost everything you need for your hunting trip.

It’s has extra inner pockets for carrying extra calls, slate, gloves, and strikes.

The turkey vest comes with two inches cushioned seat for comfort anywhere on the field.

Also, it features a rear porch to carry your decoy or a game after a successful hunt.

It is adjustable to one fit all sizes thanks to its padded and comfortable shoulder straps.

Additionally, this hunting gear is durable thanks to its high-quality material construction.

Best Turkey Vest Buying Guide

Regular hunting vests may be too bulky and may not be enough for what a turkey hunter needs.

Therefore, if you are not careful enough, you may buy the wrong vest.

In this section, we will discuss some of the factors to consider before buying a turkey vest.

Storage Compartments

The main reason for getting a turkey vest instead of a regular vest is the number of pockets it has.

The best turkey vests have many pockets designed to carry your hunting gear, accessories, and supplies.

To hunt like a pro, choose a turkey vest that has many pockets depending on the number of items you want to carry.

The inner and outer pockets should both be large and small pockets to carry assorted sizes of items.

Ensure the compartments, loops, and pockets are designed to carry specific items for easy accessibility.

There are also some which come with pockets for storing your phone and for carrying your decoy or hunts.


Comfort is an aspect to consider when going for a turkey hunt

Remember, you have to stay quiet, stalking your prey for a very long time.

Look for a turkey vest with comfort features such as padded, foam, or cushioned seats so that you can comfortably wait for your prey.

Another comfort feature is padded straps for comfortable wearing.

Proper Fitting and Weight

You do not want a very heavy turkey vest.

Such a vest would affect your walking and running, consequently making you too tired to hunt.

Also ensure, you buy a vest that fits you properly.

You can opt to buy your fitting size or get one with adjustable straps for one size fit all design.


Turkeys have a very keen sense and instincts that allow them to spot any unusual movement.

Therefore, this means that no matter how skilled a hunter you are, you need to blend in with the surrounding.

Your hunting environment dictates the color of the vest you should buy.

If you plan to hunt for the whole year, consider different colors such a brown and green for effective camouflage.

Safety Features

When walking with a dead turkey on your back, other hunters can mistakenly shoot you, especially in low-visibility woods.

For such refasons, you need to stay visible while on the hunt.

Therefore, it is important to have a built-in and vivid orange flag or a visible square shape fabric hanging on your back.

This will notify other hunters of someone walking while carrying a harvested turkey.

Final thoughts on Best Turkey Vest

Not all turkey vests out there are suitable for your hunting needs.

For you to choose the best turkey vest, you need to consider the above factors.

Also, remember, your preference and your budget will also play a key role in your choice.

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