Best Rifle Scope Under $400: Top 8 Best Deer Rifle Scope Under $400

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In this guide, I will be showing you some of the best rifle scope under $400.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in a rifle scope when you can spend less than 400 for a decent model.

If you’re on a budget and still want a rifle scope that will give you almost the features you’ll get with a high-end scope, then read on.

Below is a detailed review of the best rifle scopes under 400.

What Is the Best Rifle Scope Under $400?

The best rifle scope under $400 is Bushnell TRS-25.

Best Rifle Scope Under $400

For the price, the Bushnell TRS-25 is one of the best scopes under 400 and comes with unique features.

Elegant near perfection, this device is suitable for various activities. Whether you want to chase coyotes across the Arizona desert or use it for competition, the TRS 25 is your best ally.

For starters, it’s solidly built with a metal body such that it competes with other devices at double the price.

Additionally, the lenses are multi-coated to give an elegant look. On top of that, it has a waterproof rubber scope that ensures durability.

We find the device easy to install and will fit in a variety of rails.

Even better, this red dot sight is compatible with different types of shotguns, rifles, and pistols.

Overall, operating this device is easy, and you can adjust the level of brightness depending on your preference.

A-List of the Best Rifle Scopes Under 400 Dollars

If the Bushnell TRS-25 above doesn’t sound like the real deal to you, there are other great alternatives to choose from.

Below is a detailed guide of the best rifle scope under $400.

1. Vortex Optics Riflescope

If you’re looking for a budget scope, you can consider the Vortex Optics.

Several qualities are incorporated into the design to offer you the ultimate shooting experience.

This beautiful piece of equipment comes with excellent parallax settings and an eye-friendly reticle that will keep you safe from a scope bite.

One of the outstanding aspects is the coated lenses alongside the low dispersion glass to deliver crisp, clear images.

The best part is that you’ll get accurate sub-tensions thanks to the 4x magnification.

With a superior precision glide system, the magnification is excellent regardless of the weather conditions.

Then, there’s the side parallax knob and visible torrents that give you the right tools for accurate long-range shooting.

The 30 mm tube is the most prominent feature with excellent shockproof qualities, mainly due to the ruggedness that can withstand heavy impact or recoil.

Lastly, the o ring and the nitrogen purge is both waterproof and fog proof.

2. Nikon P-Tactical

Best Rifle Scope Under $400

If you’re looking for a not so pricey scope for your deer hunting days, you can consider Nikon P-Tactical.

Stylish design, coupled with durability, this rifle will endure many hunting days, and yes, you can hand it over to your children.

This scope has a remarkable array of features to deliver outstanding performance.

When it comes to performance, the rifle delivers a unique shooting range between 100 – 600 yards.

Definitely, few budget scopes can offer such a great aiming point.

We are a fan of the sleek body that consists of a one-inch aluminum tube.

Plus, the optics are fully coated to ensure a bright environment even when it’s dark.

You’ll achieve an easy target acquisition since the eyepiece features a rubberized eye-guard. Besides, the waterproof lens lets you have a clear focus on your target.

To conclude, the Nikon scope is a user-friendly device with clearly marked spring-loaded turrets that ensures easy adjustments.

3. Nikon Reticle Riflescope

Best Rifle Scope Under $400

When looking for a hunting scope, you’d want simple yet tough equipment that can endure bad weather, bumps, or scratches.

We recommend the Nikon Reticle riflescope, which offers great features that optimize your hunting experience regardless of the mounting position.

Eye relief is excellent, and there’s no need for a perfect cheek weld when aiming for the shot.

Consisting of a multi-coat, this small, durable, and robust scope optimize the amount of brightness, contrast, and light for a clear image.

The favorite thing about this device is the shockproof aluminum construction with an anodized coating that ensures there’s maximum weight and strength balance and ruggedness.

With this riflescope, there’s no chance of water infiltration since it has an o ring seal, and the nitrogen purge protects against heat shock.

Want better magnification and high-quality glass?

The Nikon Reticle is just it! With an insane view and a 1/4inch click adjustment, you can zero faster. Even better, you can maintain the setting under intense recoil.

4. Monstrum Rifle Scope

Best Rifle Scope Under $400

The Monstrum rifle scope features a rangefinder to offer a crisp, clear target at 1-4 x magnification, making it suitable for medium-range shooting.

Also, the rangefinder reticle offers a better estimate and hold overcorrection.

An important aspect of this scope is the nitrogen-filled tubes that prevent water or fog infiltration.

This riflescope has a ½ MOA click windage that ensures that it resets the turrets to zero and locking them.

Interestingly, the black coating ensures visibility, even in dark environments.

With a sturdily built throw lever, you can easily adjust the yardage by just rotating the magnifier.

The multi-coated lenses are free of scratches, fog, or but which boost your overall vision for clear images.

Lastly, the construction is top-notch and consists of aluminum, which has excellent qualities as being sturdy yet lightweight.

5. Wipboten Optic Scope

If you’d like your cartridge to shoot far, then the best scope will ensure your gun potential is fully maximized.

The Wipboten is a good choice for professional shooters and amateur hunters.

First of all, the brand is renowned for reasonably priced yet premium quality scopes.

Secondly, it uses a fiber energy source that ensures brightness and reticle glow during the day.

To put it briefly, you’re going to achieve more light using the fiber optics for clarity in a wider spectrum and can shoot distant objects even in the shadows.

Better yet, it has multi-coated lenses and offers a 4 x 32 magnification for clear images.

You’ll appreciate the design of this scope, which consists of aircraft quality aluminum to offer superior durability.

It’s also waterproof and fog proof, which means it’ll still deliver in harsh conditions.

Notably, the reticle is etched perfectly on the glass and won’t wobble even when used with a long-range rifle.

6. UTG Scope

Best Rifle Scope Under $400

Other than best in quality, UTG 4 is arguably an affordable scope if you’re on a budget.

Whether you’re an experienced hunter or a novice marksman, this series is versatile.

Accordingly, it features a 30 mm tube and multi-coated lenses to deliver maximum illumination for superior clarity.

Additionally, the tubes are nitrogen coated to protect against shock, fog, and rain elements.

It offers a magnification of between 4-16 and selector rings that ensures you don’t miss your target.

The ranges are an excellent choice if you’d like to zoom in and out of your target.

It does offer great eye relief plus a user-friendly eye box.

Hence its pairable with a high-recoil rifle without having to worry about the scope edge smashing your eye.

Of importance is the internal sunshade that allows for optimal shooting.

Moreover, this scope is suitable for hitting objects in short, mid, and long-range. Estimating the bullet-drop is easy, and the flexible objective eliminates the issue of parallax.

7. UUQ 4-16x50EG Rifle Scope

Best Rifle Scope Under $400

Whether you’re learning to hunt or it’s your umpteenth time, a tactical scope has lots of use.

Of course, not forgetting that you can get a cheap one below $400.

The makers of this product are popular in providing good optics, and the UUQ is the highlight of affordability.

This remarkable rifle scope comes with a magnification of between 4 and 16 objective lenses of 33mm so that you target an object at a far distance of 100 yards.

Luckily, you can adjust the levels of brightness depending on your preference since there are four dot sizes.

Impressively, it has a green laser that can reach up to 300m, enabling you to achieve great accuracy.

Flexible, the scope can mount on different types of weapons since it has an internal 22mm rail.

Additionally, the quality of this device can only match top-end options. It features a premium-quality matte coating that is both waterproof and shock-resistant.

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An excellent shooter would like to compensate for windage and elevation to land on the target. Thankfully, this scope lets you adjust the turrets pretty fast so that they lock perfectly.

Hence you won’t jostle while moving or offset the shots. You can be assured of a fulfilling sensation of your hunting expedition.

Best Rifle Scope Under 400 Buyer Guide

There are several factors to take into consideration before buying a rifle scope.

Below are some of the most important factors to consider to ensure that you get the best rifle scope under $400 that meets your specific requirements.

To get a shot on the target, your rifle must be accompanied by a perfect rifle scope. Other than the budget, there are several things to keep in mind and explored in our review. Read on.

Clarity & Mounting options

A rifle scope lets you aim at your target effortlessly, and hence the quality of the lens must be top-notch.

The lighting work perfectly to produce a clear image

 When looking for a riflescope, choose a flexible one that can mount on any scope. It should be easy to mount so that you can have a clear shot at the target.


Whether you love shooting for fun, sports, or you’re a hunter, the best scope will determine your accuracy. It should be easy to adjust depending on your specific needs. Ensure there’s consistency in the reference point to allow for a wide variety of shots.

High magnification

Most of the time, you’d want to be away from the prey to avoid disruptions.

Your riflescope should have a robust magnification for long-range shots. It should allow for zooming so that you can have a clear view of the target.

Eye relief & Quality of the reticle

When shooting, it’s almost impossible keeping your eyes or your forehead close to the riflescope. The recoil due to the forceful shot can lead to a black eye or overall eye damage.

The quality of the scope should allow for a good eye relief distance.

The quality of the reticle is yet another consideration.

An illuminated reticle will adapt to your shooting needs, whether you want to shoot late at night or early in the morning.

In this case, the black lines will remain visible regardless of the amount of light.

Final thoughts on Best Rifle Scope Under $400

Above are some of the best rifle scopes under $400.

Some of these rifle scopes boast premium features that you will find in most of the high end.

If you still not sure which rifle scope is best for your firearm, then I would recommend Bushnell TRS-25.

Don’t forget to check out the buyer guide to ensure that you get a scope that meets your specific requirements.

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