Top 8 Best Gun Cleaning Solvent Reviews and Buyer Guide

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Finding the best gun cleaning solvent can be a daunting task both for beginners and experienced shooters.

Keeping your firearm clean is a must to allow for efficient shooting, improved safety, accuracy, and durability.

Unfortunately, most of the gun cleaning kits don’t have quality cleaning solvent, and hence it’s essential to get one separately.

Below are some of the best gun cleaning solvents on the market today.

What Is the Best Gun Cleaning Solvent?

The best gun cleaning solvent is Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaning Solvent.

Gun Cleaning Solvent

It’s one of the most trusted products by firearm owners globally because it’s very efficient and easy to use.

It can be used to clean different types of firearms, whether it’s an AK -47 revolver, among others and have them at their best conditions.

The cleaner will remove all sorts of residual dirt from the gun, ranging from lead, carbon, and copper deposits.

The uniqueness of the formula is that it flows smoothly and penetrates deep into the gun’s barrel.

This solvent offers an edge over the other cleaning solvents because,

After cleaning the barrel, it leaves a rust protective layer in place.

It will add to the gun’s longevity and ensure that your firearm is at its optimal condition.

The child-proof cap guarantees safety within the house, so you don’t have to worry about your children ingesting the solvent.

A-List of The Best Gun Cleaning Solvent Reviews

While Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore above is the best gun cleaning solvent, there are other excellent solvents on the market today. They include:

1. Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil

The Ballistol offers unrivaled cleaning properties for your guns while minimizing the need to use a cleaning brush to scrape the guns’ chamber.

Using the Ballistol aerosol spray, you get a wholesome package from cleaning your firearm, lubricating it, and preserving the leather gear.

Its penetrative features are unmatched; it will creep through the air-tight crevices to loosen the rusted nuts and bolts.

Unlike most cleaning solvents, Ballistol has an edge; it emulsifies with water quickly, but it’s left behind when the water evaporates, ensuring the firearm surfaces are protected.

The aerosol’s alkalinity nature helps neutralize the acidity elements and guarantee your firearm’s longevity.

For nature lovers, the aerosol is entirely biodegradable.

2. Bore Cleaner Gun-Cleaning Solvent

Gun Cleaning Solvent

The Bore cleaner employs the latest technology to clean the gun barrel from all debris at a micro-level.

The life span of a gun and its firing capabilities rely mostly on the guns’ condition; hence you wouldn’t like to have an ineffective gun in your hands.

Its odorless and non-flammable properties, making it safe for use within the home.

The super nano detergent ensures that the foam penetrates and permeates the metal surfaces;

Dissolving and removing all residual debris to have your gun functioning at its peak.

Afterward, it coats your rifle with a protective layer that shields against carbon and dirt deposits.

Though it has powerful cleaning properties, the detergent is biodegradable and won’t damage your metal, aluminum, or plastic surfaces.

3. Hoppe’s BoreSnake Viper Pistol and Revolver Bore Cleaner

This solvent is designed to give you the most convenience as you clean your guns by ensuring it hassle and mess-free.

The three steps bore shine ensures that your riffle is clean without needing to take it apart.

It comes with a cleaning brush that’s tightly knit with bronze bristles that dislodge any hard-residual deposits in the barrel.

Having the Hoppe’s pass through the barrel for at least two passes will clean out all the dirt,

And have your gun at its peak performance.

It also has a set lubrication zone from which, as the BoreSnake cleaner passes through the barrel scouring the carbon fouling and lubricating the barrel.

This solvent cleaner compact design allows for ease of use; you can also reuse it and either machine or handwash it.

4.  M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner

Gun Cleaning Solvent

Probably the most efficient and powerful gun cleaning solvent available on the market.

It was initially designed for cleaning the carbon off jet fuel engines.

The M-pro 7 advanced technology surpasses its expectation, engineered both as a cleaning solvent and a lubricant for the gun.

The gun cleaner will clean out all the residual deposits of carbon, lead, and copper build-up in the barrel, scaling down future carbon fouling.

It’s safe to use within the confines of your house as it’s odorless, ammonia-free, non-flammable, and biodegradable.

5. Sweets 7.62 Solvent

The Sweets 7.62 Solvent is one of the most praised cleaning solvents by most gun enthusiasts because of its aggressive cleaning properties.

It attacks all the copper fouling and residual deposits in the barrel and leaves your gun at its peak condition.

It penetrates and permeates rapidly through the gun, allowing for a quick, clean up exercise.

It’s advisable that after cleaning your firearm with the solvent, you ought to have the bore conditioned with oil before storing the gun or firing it.

This helps in preventing the rifle from rust and moisture sticking in the barrel.

6. Outers 42047 Rust Remover

Gun Cleaning Solvent

The outers is one of the most trusted cleaning solvent thanks to its efficiency in eliminating rust in a gun.

The solvent cleans your rifle and provides it with anti-rust properties by forming a protective layering on the barrel, thus prolonging its longevity.

It’s specially designed, so you don’t have to worry about staining or scaling your surfaces.

For rifles that have rusted, you can use the solvent to clean the rust.

Dab a piece of steel wool with the solvent and scrub the affected area.

Ensure to keep the affected area oiled to prevent the case from reoccurring.

7. BreakFree GC-16 Powder Blast Gun Cleaner

This solvent is ingeniously designed to offer comfort and convenience as you clean your gun, and thus you don’t have to disassemble your rifle.

It comes with an extender tube allowing you to be deep clean hard to reach your gun’s surfaces.

The extender tube will clean up all the carbon fouling, degrease, and remove all the firing residue.

It boasts a powerpack combination that acts both as a cleaning solvent and provides lubrication for your rifle.

Best Gun Cleansing Solvent Buyers Guide

Having the right cleaning solvent will make much difference in the rifle’s operations, like the lifespan and how it fires.

While some may choose to use other chemicals like rubbing alcohol for cleaning, it entirely in order,

But then you should note that substituting a cleaning solvent will do more harm than good.

Though the chemicals will work, they don’t have the cleaning power to dissolve some residual grime.

Here are a couple of options when you are scouting for a suitable and potent gun cleaning solvent.

Solvent’s Compatibility

Check on the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that the solvent will be compatible with the firearm types you own.

There are various types of cleaning solvents available this guide will help you single out the cleaning that will best suit your gun.

Liquid solvents:  They are useful in cleaning residual copper, lead, and carbon grimes. Nevertheless, be ready to deal with some mess and greasy residual if you happen to overuse the solvent.

Foaming solvents: These are suitable for cleaning your gun without necessarily disassembling. They are useful in removing residual grime that has gotten stuck in the guns’ barrel.

Aerosols: They are quite easy to use since you only have to spray them into the rifle, relieving you of all the hassle and mess.

However, working with aerosols, you have to be extra cautious not to overuse the cleaner.

CLP cleaners: these are designed to clean the rifle while at the same time lubricating it.

Using a CLP cleaner will also prevent grime build-up, which otherwise reduces the gun’s functionality.

There you have it; therefore, as a gun owner,

It would be advisable for you to go for a gun cleaning solvent that will clean your gun and offer additional properties like lubrication and rust protection.

While servicing your gun, it’s advisable always to ensure that you unload it and check for any remaining bullet in the chamber.

Best Gun Cleaning Solvent Benefits

Below are the benefits of using gun cleaning solvents. They are:

  • These solvents can enhance the lifespan of your weapon, especially when you use them consistently.
  • Gun solvents help remove residues in your gun that can damage over time- these harmful materials range from copper fouling, powder residue, lead, carbon, salts, and acids.
  • Solvents are a hassle-free way to clean your gun. They help save both time and money and are a low maintenance way to keep your gun clean.

Final thoughts on Gun Cleaning Solvents

The best gun cleaning solvent will not only improve the durability of your gun but will also protect it from elements that can ruin your weapon.

Regular firearm maintenance is essential- since a not so well-maintained gun will be unreliable and inaccurate.

I hope above review guide will help you decide on the best solvent that will meet your needs.

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