Best .22 Air Rifle for Hunting Small, Medium and Large Game

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Are you looking for the best .22 air rifle to hunt medium and large game?

Well, look no further.

Generally, .22 air rifles are better than the .177 caliber air rifles due to their lethal impact.

Due to this lethal force and velocity, these rifles are best suited for pest control in the backyard and hunting.

If you are a more experienced shooter, this is the next air gun to take your skills to the next level.

The rifles come with different capabilities and accessories to improve your shooting accuracy.

However, getting a .22 air rifle with combined capabilities is hard due to the array available.

Here, we have researched and reviewed some of the best .22 air rifles and some aspects to consider before buying.

Which is the Best .22 Rifle?

Although this question has many answers due to individual preferences, the best .22 air rifle is the Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle.

Endowed with a 10-Shot break barrel, the air rifle allows you to shoot up to ten pellets without reloading.

This non-reloading makes it suitable for hunting, controlling pests, and target shooting competitions.

The air rifle can shoot with velocities of 1300fps, making it suitable for instant kills.

Its construction features a fluted polymer jacketed steel barrel to enhance performance.

Additionally, the barrel comes with whisper maxim technology for quieter performance.

It also uses Inert Gas Technology, which ensures more accuracy, velocity, and lethal force.

The rifle is non-slip at both the grip and the forearm, thanks to its non-slip texture design.

Again, its trigger features 2-Stage adjustable custom action for enhanced customization.

What’s more, the rifle comes with a fog-proof and shockproof scope for precise target acquisition.

With this piece, you can shoot comfortably, thanks to its adjustable shock absorber.

Further, the rifle is for all-weather usage, tough, lightweight, and gives a real-feel performance.

A-List of the best .22 air rifle

There are several advantages of owning the best .22 air rifle

First of all, the rifle is less dangerous, and hence it is useful for newbies who want to train.

Secondly, it is quiet and therefore no need to purchase the expensive ear covering gear.

Again, these guns are cheaper than real ones, and so is their ammunition.

The only problem is to get the right one considering the variety available in the market

In this list, we are reviewing some of the best .22 air rifles in the market.

1. Swarm Whisper Air Rifle

Take your shooting range and skills to the next level with this Swarm Whisper Air Rifle.

Designed to use .22 caliber pellets, the air rifle is perfect for hunting, pest control, and target shooting.

Its construction features an automotive-grade glass-filled nylon stock for durability and proper balance.

The barrel features an all-weather fluted polymer jacketed rifled steel to improve performance.

It is ideal for delivering high impact and accuracy needed to kill raccoons, crows, and rabbits.

Again, it features noise-suppressing technology, which reduces muzzle blast for a quieter performance.

Also, its inert gas technology ensures fewer vibrations, consistent power, and smooth cocking.

This technology replaces the traditional spring to ensure more terminal velocity and enhanced accuracy.

It comes with a 4×32 fog-proof scope with ring mounts to increase the accuracy and enable precise target acquisition.

It also features a Gamo 2-stage standard trigger to tailor your trigger to your liking.

What’s more, its 10-round rotary-style magazine technology ensures faster loading for repetitive shooting.

2. Benjamin BW8M22NP Air Rifle

This .22 caliber improved Benjamin brand air rifle is suitable for pest control and medium game hunting.

It features an ambidextrous hardwood stock with comfortable thumbhole for both left-handed and right-handed persons.

This hardwood stock construction and premium grade give this rifle reliable performance and portability.

With a ventilated rubber recoil pad, you are assured of safety and comfort when shooting.

Again, it comes with a two-stage adjustable trigger, which helps your customize your trigger to your liking.

The air rifle is powered by Nitro Piston technology for more accuracy, reduced recoil, and more target power.

Additionally, this technology delivers velocities of up to 950fps required for the instant killing of games.

Its shots are quiet and feature a smooth cocking action and enhanced precision.

To improve accuracy even more, it comes with a CenterPoint 4×32 scope ideal for target acquisition.

Its dovetail trigger is soft and easy to use when you require a fast and spontaneous shot.

Further, the air rifle is quiet and useful in populated neighborhoods without raising the alarm.

3. Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle

Best.22 Air Rifle

For both novice and experienced shooters, this Crosman brand air gun can improve your shooting skills.

It is a caliber .22 made of hardwood stock and steel barrel for both performance and longevity.

Endowed with nitro piston powered technology, this piece shoot lead pellets at a velocity of 800 fps and 950 fps for alloy pellets.

Again, this piston-powered technology reduces the cocking efforts by almost 70%, making the gun safe.

The rifle includes a 3-9×32 mm scope from CenterPoint for enhanced target acquisition and unrivaled precision.

Featuring a fluted muzzle brake and wide forearm, the rifle enhances shooting accuracy to a great deal.

It also features a lethal knockdown force necessary for small game hunting, as well as pest control

Additionally, it includes a sculpted rubber recoil pad that reduces recoiling for enhanced comfort and accuracy.

Also, this rubber recoil pad, coupled with the piston technology, reduces vibration for a comfortable grip to enhance the accuracy

4. Benjamin BP2SXS Prowler Air Rifle

Best.22 Air Rifle

Many consider this Benjamin brand the ideal air rifle for hunting small games due to its lethal power and accuracy.

Its durable all-weather design features a synthetic stock and forearm, which also improves is performance and reliability.

The piece uses modern nitro piston technology for improved velocity, impact, and accuracy.

Also, this nitro piston technology ensures reduced recoiling and shooting noise by almost 70 %.

The rifled steel barrel combine with the air piston technology delivers velocities of up to 950fps for an instant knockdown.

Again, the air rifle uses QuietFire sound suppression technology for a quieter experience in populated neighborhoods.

With its two-stage adjustable trigger, you can customize your trigger to your preference for convenient usage.

The air rifle is ergonomic and lightweight for portability around the field.

Its design also ensures reduced vibrations for comfort and safety, making it ideal for recreational shooting and hunting.

Additionally, it comes with a 4x32mm scope that improves accuracy, especially when shooting small games.

5. Umarex Ruger Air Magnum Air Rifle

Best.22 Air Rifle

Consider the Umarex Ruger Air Magnum if you are looking for a powerful .22 caliber air rifle for hunting and plinking.

The rifle uses spring-powered break barrel action to shoot 22 caliber pellets at a 1200 fps velocity.

Its construction features a built-in all-weather synthetic stock and steel barrel for enhanced performance and longevity.

The air rifle is further enhanced with a rubber recoil pad for comfort and minimized injuries when shooting

It is equipped with an adjustable fiber optic rear sight for easy sighting adjustments.

Also, it fixed fiber optic front sight enhances quick focusing making it ideal for small game hunting and pest control.

It also includes a 4×32 air gun scope with mounting hardware for quick target acquisition when hunting.

The package is then completed with an adjustable 2-stage trigger for trigger customization.

Additionally, the rifle is safe to use, thanks to its automatic safety technology for injury prevention.

6. Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk Break Barrel Air Rifle

Best.22 Air Rifle

Crosman is one of the most trusted brands in delivering high-quality air gun equipment and accessories.

Their Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk is another one of their superior quality products trusted by air gun users.

This equipment is an all-weather design that features high-quality components such as synthetic stock and steel barrel.

The rifle uses nitro piston technology that offers power, stability, and accuracy for hunting and pest control.

With this technology, the air rifle delivers up to 950 FPS with alloy pellets and 800 FPS with lead pellets.

It also features a fluted muzzle brake and wide forearm than enhances accuracy when using the Artillery Hold shooting position.

It is then equipped with a CenterPoint 4×32 mm scope for finding targets when hunting.

Again, the Nitro Piston powered break barrels ensures less noise and reduced vibrations for smooth hunting.

With smooth cocking efforts and less recoil, your follow up shots are quick, quiets, and seamless.

What more, the equipment is reliable, lightweight, and safe to use.


7. Umarex 2244221 Ruger Yukon Combo

Best.22 Air Rifle

If you want to achieve improved accuracy and seamless shooting, this Umarex brand is a great option.

It’s beautiful hardwood stock, and the super impact of power makes it ideal for shooters who want to stand out.

This equipment features precision technology that launches pellets with superior accuracy and devastating power.

It shoots alloy pellets with a startling power of 1050 fps, making it ideal for instantly knocking down small games.

Its ReAxis reversed gas piston technology ensures a smooth cocking effort while still reducing recoil.

Also, this technology is responsible for consistent velocity, minimized vibrations, and enhanced power.

To reduce the noise, this rifle uses a 5-chamber SilencAir noise dampener.

The equipment also includes a 3-9×32 air-gun scope for seamless target acquisition.

Again, it includes an adjustable 2-stage trigger and in-trigger-guard automatic safety, as well as adjustable rear and fixed front fiber optic sights.

What’s more, the rifle is durable, lightweight, and comes with a one-year warranty.

Best.22 Air Rifle Buyer Guide

When it comes to choosing the best .22 air rifle, you are faced with many challenges due to the number of companies out there.

With that said, it is hard to know all the features and drawbacks each rifle has.

Luckily for you, we have drafted some of the factors to consider before entering your credit card details.

Purpose of the gun

The purpose of the air gun you want to buy is the first question that should come into your mind.

It is important to know that the .22 air rifle is not a toy, and hence you need to make serious considerations.

For example, you can go for this rifle if you are hunting, pest control, or target shooting.

Shooting skills

As we have seen above, this rifle is lethal and can do serious damage.

It should be for experience shooters who know how to use these air rifles.

If you are a starter, it is advisable to go for a less dangerous rifle such as the .177 caliber.


Air rifles come with different accessories attached to them.

Such accessories include goggles, scopes, sights, clips and loaders, maintenance tools, and safety features.

Depending on what you need your gun for, it is advisable to check if it has the necessary accessories.


There are several types of ammunition used in air rifles, and each type has its uses.

For example, if you want to hunt pests around your homestead, a simple .22 air rifle is enough.

However, if you are looking to shoot targets far, it is advisable to go for a rifle with such capabilities.

Powering technology

Several types of powering technology are used in air rifles, but the most common in caliber .22 are spring and nitro piston.

Nitro piston-powered rifles are more recommendable due to less noise, more power, and reduced vibrations.

Spring air rifles are prone to recoiling, a lot of noise, and degradation.


The construction technology and materials of every item determine its reliability and durability.

It is, therefore, advisable to go for materials that can serve you for years to come.

Synthetic material rifles that are weather-resistant are more preferred than wooden rifles.

Final thoughts on Best.22 Air Rifle

There are many advantages and pleasure of using one of the Best .22 air rifle thanks to their powerful nature.

However, it can also cause serious damage if not used properly.

It is recommended you study the user’s manual carefully before you start using your air rifle.

Also, ensure you buy vetted and certified air rifles like the ones reviewed in this list.

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