Best .177 Pellets : Top 8 .177 Pellets for Hunting Squirrels and Rabbits

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Although investing in a top-quality 177 air gun is a top priority for any air gun enthusiasts, using the best .177 pellets is equally essential.

These ammunition help you bring down the game in a humane manner if you are looking to hunt squirrels, rabbits, birds, and other small games.

There is an array of .177 pellets brands in the market.  Below is a detailed guide of some of the best.

What Are the Best .177 Pellets for Hunting?

The best .177 pellets that are a perfect fit for small game hunting are the Crosman P177 .177-Caliber Pointed Pellets.

Best .177 Pellets

These are 7.4 pointed grain designs that give them aerodynamic properties for speedy travel, thus shooting your target instantly.

They are made of premium grade lead. This ensures not only increased weight but also helps deliver a lethal shot.

The pellets are proudly made in the USA and come as a package of 250 pieces for multiple shots.

Due to their unrivaled design, the pellets ensure you get maximum distance from your air gun, thus making them suitable for pest control, hunting, and plinking.

These pieces can be used in almost every .177 air rifle, thanks to their universal design.

Additionally, they are designed using the most accurate and precise machining, which ensures you can barely distinguish one pellet from the other, to enhance shooting consistency.

A-List of The Best .177 Pellets

After thorough research, we recommend the Crosman p177 pellets for use in any .177air gun. However, we are aware that you may have different requirements and preferences.

In that case, we have reviewed some other pellets, which we feel can make a great alternative.

1. H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Hollowpoint Airgun Pellets

If you are looking for consistency and accuracy, which are factors that make a great air gun pellet, look no further.

Made using premium grade lead metal and featuring a mushrooming head design, these pellets deliver a leather and accurate force required to kill mice, rats, and other pests.

Their snag fit and precision design make them extremely accurate, giving your gun reliability, especially when hunting small games.

The pellets weigh 9.57 grams, which ensures they deliver a devastating and powerful knockdown force necessary for hunting

Since the shock effect is more important than piercing when hunting, these pellets are engineered to offer maximum shock by the expanding hollow point ensuring you just need one shot to bring your target down.

Again, they give your air gun an excellent accuracy at close range, making them ideal for backyard shooting competitions.

Additionally, the pellets are engineered with high precision and exacting standards to ensure maximum quality and accuracy.

What’s more, every container is carefully designed and features a screw-on lid, preventing accidental spills.

2. Gamo Silent Cat .177 cal 10.5 gr Heavyweight Pellets

Best .177 Pellets

The Gamo Silent Cat pellets are designed for air gun enthusiasts who want to shoot accurately and hit the target with the deadliest force.

These Silent Cat pellets weighs10.5 grams making then heavyweight pellets ideal for shooting with precision and accuracy.

They are made of lead and features a mushroom head that enhances their aerodynamic effects giving them a lethal speed that shoots and kills instantly.

The pellets come in a pack of 150 pieces for multiple shots ideal for backyard recreation, plinking, and pest control.

They are designed with great precision and machining to work in almost any .177 air gun.

With these pieces, you do not need multiple shots to bring your target down, thanks to their lethal force, which gives a devastating shock on impact.

What’s more, they come with a screw-on lid container that prevents spills and enhanced backpacking.

3. Benjamin 14020 .177-Caliber Hollow Point Small Game Hunting Pellets

If you are looking for pellets for hunting small game animals, you can’t go wrong with Benjamin 14020 pellets.

They are constructed using high-grade lead and weigh 7.9 grams, ensuring maximum speed and precise shooting.

Their design features a mushroom head with a hollow point that gives a leather force on impact with your target.

The pellets are ideal for pest control, hunting, and target shooting competition, thanks to their universal design.

They come as a pack of 750 pieces, ideal for multiple shots during back yard competitions and plinking.

Their aerodynamic shape provides the flat trajectory and retained velocity, making them suitable for game hunters.

The pellets are accurate, precise, and give your air gun the lethal power needed to kill the game instantly.

What most people love about these pellets is the affordable price, which does not compromise the quality.

4. Daisy Outdoor Products, 250 ct. Pointed Field Pellets. 177 PDQ

Best .177 Pellets

For those who are looking for exceptional accuracy and precision for pest control or small game hunting, the Daisy Pointed Field pellets are an ideal choice.

Daisy pellets are known for their quality, reliability, and accuracy- needed for hunting small games and controlling pests.

They feature a pointed head that offers flight stabilization, thus improving the accuracy of the shot.

The pellets are also heavyweight, thanks to their lead construction, which ensures they hit the target with a deadly force.

Again, they feature aerodynamic design features to ensure flat trajectory and retained velocity for a lethal force required to kill a game.

The pellets measure 4.5mm, the universal length for .177 pellets, making them useful in any .177 air rifle.

Additionally, the weight of each piece is 15.5 grains, which ensure a lethal impact on contact with rodents, birds, and other small animals.

5. H&N Hornet Airgun Pellets .177 Caliber

H$N pointed pellets are designed to offer maximum penetrating power when hunting squirrels. Rats, mice, rabbits, and other small games.

These pellets are ideal for pistols and air rifles with a minimum muzzle energy of 5.5 ft.lbs.

Featuring premium lead construction and weight of 9.6 grains, the pellets are powerful enough to bring any game down with just a single shot.

Their design features a mushroom head with a sharp point of contact for aerodynamic effects, which ensures retained velocity for maximum distance and retained impact force.

Each pellet is manufactured to meet exacting standards with minimal weight, seize, or shape deviation to ensure it can be used perfectly in any .177 air rifle.

The pellets are designed for high impact penetration and are highly accurate for medium-range shooting.

What’s more, the pellets come in a well-designed screw-on lid that ensures no accidental spills while still enhancing portability and storage.

6. Gamo Red Fire .177 Caliber Pellets

Best .177 Pellets

Gamo Red Fire .177 caliber pellets come in 150 pieces, ideal for pest control and plinking, which requires multiple shots.

Featuring lead construction to give them the necessary weight and Polymer tip, these pellets ensure maximum force required to effortlessly kill the target with a single shot.

Their design features a diamond-shaped polymer tip that ensures the true ballistic trajectory needed for accurate and precise shooting.

The pellets aerodynamic design ensures a velocity of up to 843 per second, which is retained until the target is hit.

Each piece weighs 7.8 grams and comes with a polymer tip that creates a mushrooming effect on impact for instant killing.

These state-of-the-art designed Red Fire pellets offer improved accuracy, reliability, and precision, thanks to their shape and design.

Additionally, they can work against the wind due to their weight and aerodynamic design, making them stable and accurate.

7. RWS R10 Match Plus Premium Line .177 Caliber Pellet Gun Pellets

The RWS R10 pellets are ideal for hunting due to their high flight stabilization, accuracy, and lethal force.

They are produced in the diabolic shape, which features the head area and the tail section, which gives them optimum stabilization when shot from a .177 air gun.

Manufactured by icons of the .177 pellets, these pieces are monitored in every production process to ensure enhanced performance.

They are further subjected to strict testing to ensure ultimate accuracy and precision.

To make them even more reliable, they are optoelectronic ally inspected for consistency in weight, size, and shape, thus ensuring universal application.

Additionally, these pellets are made of high-quality material and have an exceptionally smooth finish, protecting them from corrosion for long term storage.

They come in a box of 100 counts, making them ideal for pest control, plinking, and recreational target shooting.

What’s more, they feature an aerodynamic design that ensures retained velocity for maximum flight required to hit the target with enormous force.

Best .177 Pellets Buyer guide: Important Factors To Consider

If you own a .177 air rifle, the next question you should ask yourself is; which pellets should you buy?

From pointed ones, hollow head, round head, and more, there are different choices available in the market.

Here, we discuss some of the factors to consider to help you choose the best .177 pellets for your air rifle.

Purpose of the pellets

Air guns can have multiple applications such as game hunting, target competition, plinking, among others.

If your air gun is for hunting, it is advisable to consider pointed pellets since they penetrate the target better than the rest.

On the other hand, if you want pellets for recreational shooting; rounded-heads ones are the perfect choice since you do not wish to make many holes on your target.

Best .177 pellets


If you are a hunter or you want to kill vermin and pests, the accuracy of the pellet is a top priority.

Accuracy highly depends pellet design, which should be aerodynamic to offer flight stabilization when fired.

.177 pellets ffer both long and short-range shooting accuracy.

Pellets Velocity

You do not want your target to flee before you can fire.

To ensure you hit the target as soon as you pull the trigger, go for pellets with the highest velocity.

Light non-lead pellets have the highest velocity.

However, watch out for the design.

Properly designed pellets  are not affected by the wind.  Hence maintain trajectory while still retaining the shooting speed.

Ballistic coefficient 

This refers to the ability of the pellet to knock down the target instantly.

The higher the ballistic coefficient, the greater the power the pellet has to knock down the target.

It is important to note that pointed pellets have a higher penetration. Hence can knock down the target faster than other designs.

Final Thoughts on Best .177 Pellets

Although .177 caliber hunting pellets may not be as powerful as the .22 or .25 pellets. They are a great and inexpensive way for beginners to practice their skills.

Consider our choices for the best .177 pellets, or you can choose the best depending on the highlighted factors.

However, it is essential to note that high-quality pellets or rifles are not substitutes for great practice.

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